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Re: [IP] I'm going to be on TV!

In a message dated 1/27/00 6:10:08 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< When I got home today, there was a message from my endo on my answering
 machine. One of his patients (type 1, not a pumper) is a reporter for a
 local TV station and is doing a "special" about the MM glucose sensor. He
 has used the sensor, but can't really interview himself, so my endo
 recommended me for the job. The film crew is coming to my house next Monday
 afternoon for a short interview. Anyone want to volunteer to come and help
 me clean the house?? YIKES!!!! >>

Hi Mary Jane

Hehehehehe. I can relate to the cleaning house part! I was interviewed (about 
the pump) in November (even did a change-out on camera) and asked the crew to 
come to my office for the interview! Of course, I have a private office, so 
that might not work for you. 

Good luck and don't get all frazzled. Just be yourself and you'll do fine. 
Talk to the nice reporter and pay no attention to the camera. Lucky you -- 
you get somebody whos knows about DM! I got somebody I had to explain a lot 
to and who flinched and made a face every time I stuck myself. (I also did a 
BG test.)

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