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Re: [IP] Shocked Nancy - pump is more work

At 04:56 PM 1/27/2000  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Sam, I actually meant variations in basal rates (maybe when you were 53 
 >stayed constant, but if you had been female they probably wouldn't have!).
 >But last year when I lost a little weight with the nausea from the
 >gastroparesis, it seemed that the basals would go down quite quickly, and
 >come back up quickly each time I was able to regain some.

Ah... I'm a little slow, but I get the picture. Actually, my basals don't 
stay stable... since I became a Type 1 diabetic 21 years ago, I've actually 
had "cycles"... not predictable or monthly, but they are there. I go 
through high periods where I need a larger basal rate and low periods where 
my basals need to be lowered. In fact, about 18 months ago I suggested to 
MiniMed that they create multiple basal profiles for this reason. I was 
really pleased when they actually did it. (Now if I could only get them to 
swap my old 507 for a new 508...)

 >My sense of either highs or lows has not been reliable in years, if it ever
 >was (I remember the first blood glucose strips I tried in the mid 70s - they
 >turned from light to dark purple with higher amounts, and were not of much
 >use except to tell between a high and a low -- and I sometimes needed them
 >for that)

I do have to admit that my sense of lows has been not what it used to be. 
I've tested sometimes and found myself to be at 60 without a clue. That's a 
bit scary. But if it gets really low I still know it for sure.


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