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Re: [IP] snow/exercise

In a message dated 1/27/00 7:04:10 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Kevin took off his pump every time he went 
sledding and has come in on the low side of normal each time. (75-85) He 
doesnt eat extra either. BUT when he plays soccer, or basketball...with pump 
off he gets a glucose dump and ends up very high! (250-300's)  I'm not sure 
the difference other than one requires less of the glucose store than 
another. >>

Could the difference be the cold?  Just trying to figure out what is 
happening with me and cold (I plummet if I exert myself in the cold), and 
wondering if actually cold is doing something in addition to just raising 
metabolism to cause lows.  Or if the level of exertion is just of an entirely 
different magnitude?  So has he ever had a soccer game when it was really 

Linda Z
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