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[IP] Hiders and non-hiders

Dear Leslie and all IPers -

In the one year (and 10 days) I've been carrying "Nellie" everywhere with
me, only 2 people have asked about it - is that a pager?  When asked, I am
forthright and honest - no, it's an insulin pump.  They do not know what to
say - they act embarrassed (I figure, if you're going to ask, I'll answer
your questions).  I never volunteered that I was diabetic ro the world at
large.  This pump (to me) makes it obvious.  How many times have any of you
seen a person wearing a pager - and asked what is that?  After all, WHY do
they need to know??  But now, I am a pumper.  Yes, I could sew pockets into
things, and perhaps hang a string around my neck and dangle the pump in a
place I can't reach it.  OKay.  I choose not to - if I can deal with this
disease, then you'll have to too, and ALL you have to do is observe it!  Am
I getting cantankerous with this disease or what??  Just my 2 cents worth.
Take care, all you pumpers - I don't really care if you hide or not; only if
you're happy with your arrangement!

Happy Pumping!  Jane

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