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[IP] My A1c and bg update (again :)

Hi everyone . . .well, perhaps the week of black holes is coming to an end . 
. .tomorow is Friday after all :) (knock on wood!!!) I think my theory that 
I was fighting off something is true, before I went to bed last night I took 
a whole bunch of vitamin C and got tons of sleep and all that good stuff . . 
.also set a temp basal of 1.0 u per hour (my usualy is around .5) and woke 
up at 134 :) the best part was that I was 138 at lunch and then I had to 
stop my temp basal in the afternoon because I was 87.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  After 
dinner I was 172 again but this is much better than the last week and a half 
has been so I'm not complaining! Also I had my appt. with my endo today, and 
my first post pump A1c - I wasn't sure how it would be, since I had a pretty 
great 3 months until I started having 200's these last several days, but my 
a1c was 6.5 !!! I was so thrilled :)  Here's hoping mine and everyone elses 
crazy week calms down.  --Gianna
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