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Re: [IP] vent vent vent AHHH!!!

Hi all,

I haven't been able to write the past few days.  I began my new job- 
hurray!!  I also moved into my new place, right near downtown San Jose- 
double yeah!! :)  The downside is my bloodsugars. :(  All of this activity 
has shocked my poor body to hysterics.  I can't even begin to explain my NEW 
rollercoaster over the past 72 hours.  The house I moved into is filthy 
(long story) even though I like the price (more or less) and location 
(definitely!), so I've spent every hour since I arrived on Tuesday- 
CLEANING.  I am sore and have been getting very very very low.  The first 
day, i countered it with candy, snacks, and what turned out to be perfect 
Temporary Basals.  But yesterday was another story altogether...  Horrible 
lows, then 300's then lows then 300's then horrible lows then 200's then 
lows then 200's then lows then ???  You get the idea.  I guessed all wrong 
yesterday.  Btw, love my new job.  All the stress, activity, and 
housecleaning is shocking my body though.  I'm getting a grip though, since 
my house is getting a bit cleaner, I should be able to use the kitchen and 
eat better too :)  I can't wait to see a doctor when i get coverage on March 
1!  For now, I think I'll go back to my original Basal rate- it's so amazing 
how the same activity and exercise I do one day can affect me so incredibly 
differently from the same amount/type of acitivity and exercise another day. 
  It's sort of like if it's a shock, then it's more intense or something.  
Anyway, can't wait to be settled and get into a routine.

Oh, I am going with Kaiser Traditional Plan, so which clinic should I go to? 
  Milpitas?  I want to make an app't now for March 1st or as close to it as 
I can.  Guess I'll have to see a GP first to refer me to an Endo??

with exhaustion...

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