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Re: [IP] Shocked Nancy - pump is more work

In a message dated 1/27/00 6:28:47 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  >As to your not having to test so much since your basal rates were set -- 
 >you not have variations at all?

I actually have a lot of variations (I've been classified as "brittle")...  >>

Sam, I actually meant variations in basal rates (maybe when you were 53 yours 
stayed constant, but if you had been female they probably wouldn't have!).  
But last year when I lost a little weight with the nausea from the 
gastroparesis, it seemed that the basals would go down quite quickly, and 
come back up quickly each time I was able to regain some.  I seem to have to 
raise it in very hot weather.    The last couple weeks of more physical 
activity as we have painted the house, I started the lows the second day and 
eventually lowered basals , but am watching for needs to raise again 
(physical activity doesn't seem to be as easily quantifiable as 

My sense of either highs or lows has not been reliable in years, if it ever 
was (I remember the first blood glucose strips I tried in the mid 70s - they 
turned from light to dark purple with higher amounts, and were not of much 
use except to tell between a high and a low -- and I sometimes needed them 
for that)

Linda Z
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