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[IP] my a1c!!!

Hey all

 This is GREAT! my a1c, was 11.9 (awful) on november 13. I was in hospital Jan 5-7 with High bg, as high as 839. Well, I saw my endo Jan. 11, and just got my a1c results..7.5!!!! almost seems like a mistake, but it's a great change, almost where i was when I was on shots!~

last night went wwell, I probably was facing am highs from crashing and rebounding, but i made sure i was over 100 b4 i went to bed last night, went down to 86 in the night, and woke up at 87, and then was 117!!! this is good!

3 days off school was great, but we go back tomorrow, back to exams:-( oh well, at least i got some GREAT news today! sorry, I think 7.5 is good considering what i've had, i'll be glad when i have under 7's again like on shots, but now i'm accepting the small feats! that was a huge drop in 2 months!


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