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Re: [IP] Shocked Nancy - pump is more work

At 02:50 PM 1/27/2000  email @ redacted wrote:
 >As to your not having to test so much since your basal rates were set -- do
 >you not have variations at all?

I actually have a lot of variations (I've been classified as "brittle")... 
but, I just don't feel the need to test that often. Part of the reason is 
that I find that if I try to do too much micro-managing of this disease, 
that I tend to make things worse.

I have a very high latency time for when my Humalog decides to kick in. It 
is just starting in work in 90 minutes-2 hours and won't peak before 3-4 
hours. Makes it very frustrating, since I never know how much of the last 
bolus has yet to kick in... if it was at least consistent, it would be much 

I base a lot of judgements on how I feel... I can usually tell when I'm 
high and testing will almost always confirm those feelings. The same for 
when I feel low. Otherwise, if I feel OK, I don't bother... except before 
meals and often mid-afternoon (occasionally mid-morning) and before bed. My 
main exception is before driving... I always try to test before getting in 
the car. That's just a basic safety precaution.

 >Well, you're obviously not a 53-yr-old woman like me LOL.

Although I'm not of the feminine persuasion, I got you beat by 4-5 years... 
I'd go back to age 53 any time. :-)


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