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Re: [IP] Shocked Nancy - pump is more work

In a message dated 1/27/00 12:54:51 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I didn't know that many pumpers were constantly weighing their food. I 
personally find that once I know that a potato = x carbs, an apple = y 
carbs and a piece of bread = z carbs, I don't need to do any more.  >>

Well, Sam, I actually find it easier to weigh.  I eat a lot of unprocessed 
food, and I  find that the carb content of foods like potatoes and apples 
vary a lot with their weights, and perhaps that amount of difference is a 
bigger percentage of my total intake than yours. (also varies a lot with 
weight? grin)  After a lifetime of looking for fruit to fit the size that was 
called for in my diet, I feel empowered by being able to choose the size 
serving I want to eat, weighing it, and taking the appropriate dose.  I use a 
Soehnle electronic scale at home that allows me to press the code 119 code 
for apple, press the carb button, and get a reading for grams of 
carbohydrate.  Similarly, a little while ago I dished myself a bowl of ice 
cream - I zeroed the bowl, weighed the ice cream, divided by the grams per 
serving on the package and multiplied by the carbs per serving.  (Yes, I keep 
a calculator in the kitchen, too).  I find I can usually do really well this 
way, much better than estimating carb dense foods. (some foods come out in 
shapes that are easy to estimate as to volume, but many do not, and my 
estimates of volume have to be periodically fine-tuned anyway). I routinely 
weigh fruit, grains, and packaged carb-dense foods that are not in obvious 
portions.  I guess people vary as to what they find burdensome.  (I still 
think of home blood glucose monitoring as more of an empowerment than a 
burden)  And I am trying for tighter control than most, because of my gastric 
complications that seem to do so much better with normal blood sugars.

As to your not having to test so much since your basal rates were set -- do 
you not have variations at all?  Well, you're obviously not a 53-yr-old woman 
like me LOL.

Linda Z

Linda Z
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