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Re: [IP] Spouses' Fixing us


email @ redacted wrote:

> It is nice to hear other husband could be going crazy.  My huband hate when
> I'm low and I won't eat????  I'm guessing one of the many challenges with
> type 1
> Teresa
> Type 1 24 yrs
> pumping 3 months

For me it's taken a while to look at that it's not what "they" are doing BUT
how I am reacting to it.

I worked with someone for 7 years before I found out that he had been type I
for 6 or 8 years more than I had - He kept it hidden and then an ex-boss let
the "secret" slip out.

He was "having visable problems" that could have also (without the information)
been interpreted as drinking his lunch..... We rarely talk about that either.

Looking back on the ensuing few years, there were times when I held a lot of
resentment for being in a position of  having to "save" him.  (paramedics
once,  1 or 2 major interventions without paramedics, and numerous "do you
need" or eat the D#&N candy)

Guess what, none of us can fix someone else...

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has used diabetes as an excuse for
something that I did or said...   And it's sometimes even more difficult to
admit than some things that I have done or said really were influenced by
BGs....  (Anyone else recognize the shame of not being able to "do" diabetes
better? - both including and excluding the pump)

What I think we learn on any of the lists is more that many of us have similar
feelings rather than facts....

Jim S.
email @ redacted

I need to remember that anything I react to intensely and immediately is
probably more about me than the person or event that I might want to point to
for being responsible.

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