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[IP] Oral Insulin Spray

>From CBS radio NYC: 
Oral Insulin Spray

Tuesday, January 18, 2000 - 12:18 PM ET

(WCBS) It's called ORALGEN. It's an oral insulin spray, designed to break the 
chain of the injections many diabetics need every day. Dr. Arthur Krosnick is 
the chief medical advisor for FDA-mandated tests now underway:

"The purpose of that is to see over long term how well blood sugar is 
controlled by the oral insulin sprayed into the mouth."

The spray is sometimes administered in conjunction with a tablet called an 

 "Because it works differently; but it works in conjunction with the insulin 
so that the patients get better control and it's a particularly good 
medication for the obese type two diabetic."

It's insulin for diabetics, but instead of injections, it's delivered orally 
-- in a spray. Dr. Krosnick says the preparation is actually human insulin 
crystals in solution:

"And this is sprayed into the mouth with an instrument that looks like people 
use for asthma inhalers."

Other insulin sprays have been tried without much success. Dr. Krosnick says 
confident this one, now in controlled testing, will work:

"The spray of insulin enters the mouth and the solution coats the membranes 
and is very quickly absorbed through the membrane of the inside of the mouth 
into the bloodstream."

"It gets into the blood stream so fast that we see a peak of action - a peak 
of elevation of the insulin in the blood in 30 minutes to an hour."

Dr. Krosnick is the Chief Medical adviser to Generex, a Canadian company that 
holds the 
Oralgen patent. He says there have been good results from tests on limited 

"The hope is that we'll get approval in the states in the next few months to 
do phase three studies --that's where we'll do larger numbers of centers and 
large numbers of people for a longer period of time."

Dr. Krosnick says if everything goes as expected, Oralgen could be generally 
within two years, and relieve hundreds of thousands of diabetics of the 
necessity to self-administer daily insulin injections.

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