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Re: [IP] Pagers and tubes

At 01:08 PM 1/27/2000  Jim S. wrote:
 >I'm dating myself....

Not normally recommended... it usually takes two to tango! :-)

 >When I'm talking way back, could be as far back as 1993.  Before
 >was a thought.....
 >hmmmm  - and I remember some of the BBSs and bit-net ......

I actually go back a few years myself... I was on CompuServe in the late 
'80s and have been following the newsgroup misc.health.diabetes since about 
1994... and I did a few Fidonet things in between. I wasn't focused much on 
pumping until early-1998, though. So, any of that Borg commentary must just 
not have sunk in.


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