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[IP] Re: Repriming D after taking out the insulin cartridge

We had the same thing happen on two occasions about a month ago.
We noticed moisture in the cartridge "tank" (both times were
after Shannon had taken a bath without the red thing) so we wiped
it out but had to reprime after putting the cartridge back in. 

Nancy said:
I think I may have accidentally discovered something about
Jenna's D pump,
wanted to see if other D pumpers have seen this problem. 
<some snipped>
So, do you have to re-prime the line after you take the insulin
cartridge out?  And why, for heaven's sake, since everything is a
closed system, and stays full of insulin if you just take out the
cartridge while it's still attached to the tubing.

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti "mother of many children"
"Cultivate peace at home." Petalesharo, Pawnee (Indian)
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