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Re: [IP] Spouses' Fixing us

>I think maybe if we vent here we can save our spouses some frustration

uh oh, what about us spouses that get the venting on the list and at
Actually, Shane rarely vents about the big D, but sometimes I need to.
He has been dealing with this for over 25 years, and came to terms with
it long ago. I have only had about 8 years now to get used to it, and I
am getting closer.

>I don't recall (HS) where I saw it on the 'net, but someone wanted a support >group/list for spouses so they, too, could vent and learn.

That would be great - the learning especially. I could've saved a lot of
time and energy if someone had told me long ago that BG swings caused
mood swings! (Shane could've saved a lot of money on flowers too!) He is
so rarely upset that I couldn't understand why occasionally he would act
so bizarre. Also he can be very sneaky and I never knew exactly what to
believe about what he was telling me or not telling me about diabetes --
yes, he can indeed eat just about whatever he wants. no, he should not
go 8 years without seeing a doctor, no matter what he says!  The
sneakiness came from years of being harassed by parents and doctors
about being a "bad diabetic". I am so impressed by the parents on this
list. I wish Shane's mom would've had something similar when he was
Now he knows he better just be open and honest to begin with, because he
knows I either know the truth already, or will find it out eventually
from you guys!
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