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Re: [IP] hiders and non-hiders

Hi all,

I had to relate something that happened a few weeks ago when I was
rollerskating with my daughter.  I was skating around and an employee of the
rink came up to me and said you can't wear a cell phone on the rink.  I told
him I wasn't he decided he knew better.  I told him it was an insulin pump,
he said, no it is not it is a cell phone I can see the antenna.  By this
point I was getting very frustrated and my friend Brenda came up to see what
was wrong.  When I explained to her what the guy's problem was she told him,
"It's a fancy new cell phone and the antenna is attached to her.  It is
experimental and she cannot remove it."  He looked at her blankly, said okay
and skated off.  Needless to say we lost it and laughed hysterically for
quite a while.  Some people are just ignorant!

Anyways, I never hide my pump, always wear it on my waist band.

Take care.


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