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[IP] Knowing what it's like

Brian Carter wrote:
> Hmm She may know what its like to wear one but that is totally different
> when it does nothing for you and you  know in a hour or 2 you can take it
> off and nothing will happen when you eat that piece of chocolate cake.
> The question is does she know what it is like to LIVE with the pump??

One of my occasional thought experiments is how could you show a
non-diabetic person what it's like to live with diabetes. 

It would be unethical to actually induce symptoms in someone, but what
if they had a "fixed" meter, which gave them a variety of BG readings
(after a REAL fingerstick, of course!)  and they then had to follow a
set of instructions based on the reading?

For example, if the reading were low, the person would be required to
stay where they were and not go anywhere for half an hour, and would
HAVE to eat disgusting glucose tablets. If the reading were high, they'd
HAVE to go test ketones in the bathroom. They would also HAVE to take a
shot or bolus (saline), and they wouldn't be allowed to eat, no matter
HOW ravenous they were!(I know that WE can compensate by adding extra
bolus if we're high before meals, but it's the EXPERIENCE of the
ravenous hunger that I'd want a non-diabetic person to have!)

They'd also be required to get up in the night to test, and if they
forgot, they'd get an annoying alarm. They'd also get random annoying
alarms during the day, which they could only shut off by dragging out
the meter and testing. And if the meter showed high or low, they'd have
to deal with the situation RIGHT NOW. No matter WHAT they were doing!!
If they were driving their car, they'd have to pull over and test! And
if it showed low, they'd just have to SIT THERE for a while! 

Oh, I bet we could get REAL diabolical!


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