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[IP] Spouses' Fixing us

> I go throught these aweful stages and all my husband wants to do is FIX
>  Then I end up just driving him crazy and we fight.  I don't want him to
> FIX me, I tell him, I just want someone to listen.  I know it's a very
> hard thing to do.( To not do anything but just to listen. )   But  I have
> gotten some peace from reading the list.  I have never had a
> support group to attend and this has been great therapy for me.
> Sheila Morris

I do know that the divorce rate is high among diabetics. I also know I have
been very difficult to live with at times.This list has filled a need I have
loooong addressed: No support group for Type 1's who have grown up (and
STILL are T-1). Most physical support groups are for Type 2's or young
people/parents. But there is a need for us who were DX'd as kids but have
seen many, many sunsets.

I think maybe if we vent here we can save our spouses some frustration and
maybe marriages will not be so apt to be dissolved. I don't recall (HS)
where I saw it on the 'net, but someone wanted a support group/list for
spouses so they, too, could vent and learn. Ain't cyberspace wonderful?

Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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