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Re: [IP] Pagers and tubes

At 11:06 AM 1/27/2000  Jim S. wrote:
 >Jeffrey Weiss wrote:
 >> I dunno. Sometimes when I look at that tube sticking onto me I get the urge
 >> to say "Prepare to be assimilated! Reisistance is futile!"
 >> (Star Trek  "Borg" reference for the uninitiated...)
 >> Jeffrey Weiss
 >> email @ redacted
 >> Dallas, TX
 >Some where in the dark storage of antiquity......
 >In other words, before Insulin-pumpers there was a serious kidding/not 
 >about being assimilated on another list.....   Might even have personal
 >archives going back that far.
 >There may even be a couple of us (other than me) who remember the talk about
 >"pump-dogs"......    Seem to remember it related to actually dragging them
 >around by their leashes. :-)

There have been references to being assimilated into the collective on this 
list since I've been on board... way back in the Spring of 1998.


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