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Re: [IP] re:shocked, maybe harder for kids

> and each day hold out hope all our work will pay off.

The pay off is every day that we get to watch our children live a 
normal KID life that they could not do on MDI. We too have 
experienced crummy control off and on. The upside is that there are 
no daily schedules, no daily snacks, no roller coaster and great 
spontaneity in my child's life. Even if the control were the same as 
MDI (it's better), I wouldn't trade a minute of those sleepless 
nights. I am convinced that many of Lily's successes would not have 
happened if she had not come our of the shell that diabetes forced 
her into. I've got a straight A student, active in youth in 
government and whose soccer coach tells me is one of only two kids on 
the team he considers talented enough for division 1 college ball. 
BTW, this is a team that is the local regional champion this year.

Can't beat that with a stick!!!! 

Michael (a very pleased pumper dad)
email @ redacted
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