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[IP] Roselea needs new team

In a message dated 01/27/2000 9:13:05 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

Could it be that your "team" doesn't care to educate themselves fully in 
pumping and tries to discourage pump use because they are not altogether 
competent to advise you on pump use?  I realize too that pump use is not for 
everyone.  But I think it is for every diabetic insulin user who is committed 
to staying in that low range where we feel so much better and do our best to 
be healthy.  Staying in the 200s is not a good solution to avoid lows as you 
well now.  Any doctor who recommends that needs to be replaced.  Maybe 
pumping is more work for them, i.e. with you calling at all hours for the 
first week for advice,etc. and they don't want to put that many on pumps 
because they simply don't want to work that much.  So yes, maybe MDI is 
easier for THEM, but it is not easier for YOU.  Pumping will give you the 
good control without the lows that you deserve.  I am praying for you that 
you will be led to the right team soon, or that they will be touched somehow 
to let you be one of the lucky five next time.

Big Hugs,

<< Then why is the only information I'm getting my diabetic care team is that
 the pump is more work and has many more problems than MDI?  That's why I'm
 beginning to think I need a new team.   While I realize the pump may not be
 for everyone, I just want a chance to see if it can change my life.  Maybe
 it will, maybe it won't, but if I never get the chance then I will never
 know. >>
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