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Re: [IP] Shocked Nancy - pump is more work

At 09:27 AM 1/27/2000  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Roselea, since being on the pump I spend more time weighing food, using a
 >calculator for carb counting, and testing (7-14 times a day) than I did the
 >bulk of the 14 years I was on MDI.

I didn't know that many pumpers were constantly weighing their food. I 
personally find that once I know that a potato = x carbs, an apple = y 
carbs and a piece of bread = z carbs, I don't need to do any more. I think 
that there are too many other variables to try to get overly precise with 
this thing... but that's just my opinion. I usually get pretty good at 
doing on-the-spot guesstimates as to what things are... plus there is so 
much nutritional information on packaged food nowadays. Armed with a decent 
carb-book, I'd think that most people could probably get away without ever 
weighing anything.

Also, once the initial learning curve was over and my pump was set-up 
correctly, I found that I don't need to test as often anymore. In fact, I 
don't test much more now than I did when I was on MDI... 4-5 times a day. 
But, YMMV.

Diabetic since 2/79
Pumping and trying to live like a "normal" person since 6/98

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