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Re: [IP] Repriming D after taking out the insulin cartridge

>  On both occasions, we'd noticed moisture on the inside of the insulin 
> cartridge space (first time, she'd been in the pool without the little 
> red thingies on, the second time playing in the snow without the little 
> red thingies), took out the cartridge, dried out the cartridge space, and 
> dropped the cartridge back in.

I typically notice moisture in my in the jacket where the cartridge goes 
in, but never in the cartridge itself.  I never use the red tappet 
thing.  I did at first religiously but then was told by a D rep that it 
wasn't necessary unless when you're going into salt water.

I've never taken my cartridge out, except to replace it.  I found Michaels 
response interesting and the problems that you had interesting, so I've 
contacted the D rep and if he can't answer this I will keep trying.  Well I 
was so curious I just called D myself.  Stuff like this drives me nuts.  :-)

OK I am really bad a paraphrasing, but I will give it my best shot.  This 
is what they said:  ( you may want to call the technical support number on 
the back of your pump yourself )
         Anytime you Open up a Closed system you need to re-prime.
         Closed system:  Cartridge connected to tubing & tubing connected 
to site.
         Open System:  If you disconnect at sight or at the cartridge.
Apparently regardless of whether or not you put "caps" on once you 
disconnect anything air can get in and cause the need to re prime.

I hope this helps,


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