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Re: [IP] site pain


Yes, I found this after the first set was inserted.  I was in the hospital at the time,(this was how it was done when i first started on the pump) and my sugars soared.  Dr. couldn't understand as the pump was new to her too.  After removing the set it bled for some time and then turned black and blue.  I had hit a vein.  So from then on I always press hard on my set when I first put it in to see if it hurts.  If it does it comes out right then.  This doesn't mean that it won't hurt later as I figure it or the veins must move around in there and if it is by a vein it won't work.  I have had them start to hurt after they were in for awhile and then stop hurting but then start again and all the while my ###'s are higher than usual.  I suspect this may be the problem most of the time when people say the site was not working.  It may not always be painful.  I have the most trouble with this than i do with anything else.  My veins are all real close to the surface (my skin looks li!
ke a road map) it's nice that i can see them but finding a spot inbetween them is not easy.  

Hope this may help. Let me know how you are doing.

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