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[IP] New AtLast Meter - Tried It Last Night


I went to a Diabetic Meeting last night and to my surprise the AtLast Rep 
was there.  I really liked it and am going to try to get my insurance to 
cover it, well the strips.  Anyway, she tried it on me and it was 
completely painless, although she had to try twice on my thigh to get the 
blood out.  I like the convenience of it.  And besides, my fingers could 
use a rest from 10 stabs a day.  :-)

Someone asked about the lancets, and the rep said yes you need to use our 
lancets, and I said " Oh darn, I'll already did my yearly change".  It got 
a chuckle out of people.  Then the rep did say, I hope you change it a bit 
more often than that.  :-)

One thing I don't like about it is the fact that it only stores the last 10 
readings and she couldn't tell us either if the readings were time and date 
stamped.  Hmmmmm.  It does five a 14 day average though.


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