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Subject: [IP] Stop Pump w Activities

Hi Darlene,
Jenna is like Kap, in that if we try to decrease her basal rates for
activity, then she'll be sky high after activity.  We also live in NC, so
are doing the "snow thing", though we live in the western part, so got most
of our snow last week.  We went skiing Tuesday, she bolused less for lunch,
started the session with a sugar of 204, ate a 30 gram granola bar about 1.5
hours later, and finished with a 159 - with no decrease in basal rates.  For
a long time, we actually had to bolus extra insulin before strenuous
activity, because her liver would overproduce so much, she'd end up 300 at
the end of activity.  She'd do about 0.6 units before activity, then eat a
snack, then exercise, with good results.  That seems to have gotten better
with time, but it worked for a while.  This is one of the reasons why I like
her D pump - others seem to be able to disconnect for "wet" sports, but
Jenna really doesn't seem to tolerate this.

BTW, where in NC are you, and what endo do you see?

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, 10 years old

Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 00:33:21 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Stop Pump w Activities

Kap has played out in the snow for 2 days -  2 hrs straight - morning and
evenings and we didn't stop the pump.  When he came in his #s were in the
high 70s. He didn't eat extra food - but he did bolus less for the food he
ate - .5 units less.

I told endo in the past w/ playing basketball or baseball he has always gone
high 300-500s and she said he was supposed to go low.

Tracking through knee deep snow and sledding you would think he would crash.

Does others have high bgs after activities if u stop pumping?
Still new to pumping
Living and Learning
Mom to KAP - age 9 - pumping

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