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[IP] RE: Repriming D ...

Hi Nancy,

    I am a Disetronic pumper.
   Is it possible you dislodged the fit between the piston head and the base
of the cartridge? Even a slight backing out of the piston head would mean a
delay in the appearance of insulin upon reinsertion of the cartridge into
its bay.  I also agree with Brad, that the snugness of the luer lock and the
pump adapter should be checked.
   Now, Here is a concern you didn't mention. There should not be moisture
appearing in the cartridge bay, especially in the case where you were using
the red tappet. Although moisture there won't hurt the pump, I would be
wondering if there were insulin leaking from the base of the cartridge. I
would check out the O-rings on the plunger head. I once received a few bum
cartridges in my shipment. On these cartridges, when I pulled the plunger
back (In preparation for putting air into the insulin vial) there was no
stop and the plunger came completely out. No good! That cartridge can never
be reused because the sterility has been compromised. I'm to send these back
and have them replaced, is what Disetronic agreed to (while also cautioning
me to be sure I'm not pulling too hard on the plunger arm.)
    In any case, I'm sure you'll call Disetronic if the suggestions you've
gotten don't seem to be the source of the problem. (Which means, no, you
shouldn't have to re-prime after removing the cartridge, as long as nothing
in the fit has been disturbed.)


>>>(snip) ... On both occasions, we'd noticed moisture
on the inside of the insulin cartridge space (first time, she'd been in the
pool without the little red thingies on, the second time playing in the snow
without the little red thingies), took out the cartridge, dried out the
cartridge space, and dropped the cartridge back in.  The second time, when
no insulin came out, I re-primed the line, to see if there was an occlusion,
and after a few seconds the insulin started flowing, and then things were
fine.  So, do you have to re-prime the line after you take the insulin
cartridge out...(snip)>>>.

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