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Re: [IP] Repriming D after taking out the insulin cartridge

Hi Nancy,

Not sure if I really understand your question, but i find there is usually lag time (time before insulin starts coming out after removing the reservoir).  I take my resiervoir out half way through the week (I use same site for a week) (Now do all of you get in a tizzy, I've done this since the beginning and have never had any problems) anyhow after i take it out i Have to watch carefully for the next hour or so to make sure that I am getting insulin.  Usually I bolus alittle just to make sure.  I'd rather be low and eat something that go real high.  I think it takes a while for the screw to start turning enough to deliver the insulin properly.  Anyhow that works for me.  I usually try to do this right before a meal because I know I will be doing a bolus anyhow and if I doin't get the proper amount I can test in around an hour and see how things are going and bolus a correction before things get out of hand.
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