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[IP] I need a new endo

Ok, so I went to this pumpers orientation last night.  Was kinda crazy.
First they referred to us all as pumpers (as though we were already
pumping).  Ok, I'm hopeful.  Then the CDE (which is the same one associated
with my endo's office) proceeded to talk about pumping.  Ok, they're real
strict, site changes every 48 hours, new insulin every site change.  Alright
I could live with that.  Then came the clincher.  She's too busy now and
won't be accepting any new pumpers until April (she has 5 right now).  I was
in a room of about 15 prospective pumpers, if she only handles 5 at a time,
it could be awhile before a person could get a chance.  And she was so
negative, more like a glass half-ful sort of person.  My husband said she
had to talk of all the negatives to discourage anyone who wasn't really
serious about pumping, I don't know, I just didn't like her attitude.  I
think we'd have some personality clashes.  Then she stated reasons for
insurance companies approving pump, and good control wasn't one of them.
You needed high A1C's, which I don't have.  The only thing I could fit into
was hypoglycemic awareness and lots of lows (which my doctor has tried to
correct by decreasing my insulin amount so now I'm running in the 200's all
the time, but I'm not having lows!).

Anyhow, the way I see it now is to find a new care team.  Anyone know of any
good endos in the Toledo, OH area?  I could also do Ann Arbor, MI.  I
checked the doctor list on this site but they're aren't any listed.  Thanks
so much.

Type 1 for 37 years who can't live like this much longer...

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