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Re: [IP] Repriming D after taking out the insulin cartridge

> fine.  So, do you have to re-prime the line after you take the insulin
> cartridge out?  And why, for heaven's sake, since everything is a closed
> system, and stays full of insulin if you just take out the cartridge while
> it's still attached to the tubing.

I would assume that the D pump is similar to the MM in the sense that a 
freshly inserted cartridge must be mechanically engaged to the drive 
mechanism. i.e. there is some slack that must be taken up before the 
device can push insulin into the infusion system. Thus, if you remove the 
cartridge (dangerous see below), the system must be primed with several 
(phantom) units to allow the slack in the drive mechanism to tighten fully.

When removing the cartridge while attached to a live body, it is very 
easy to push the plunger ever so small amount. Bear in mind that the 
volume of a single unit of insulin is miniscule. Think about what a 5 
unit drop looks like. Always disconnect the QR or Leur Lock before 
messing with the syringe/cartridge on a pump.
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