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[IP] To those who feel the need to hide the pump

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 14:03:48 -0800
From: "Jim S." <email @ redacted>

<<In my previous message in no way did I intend to judge "pump hiding".
We all find our own emotional comfort level in dealing with diabetes.

It's real easy (for me) to not post my feelings of DM not going the way
I want - frustration, anger, fear, &&&& - when I get (well-meaning)
responses to a comment that I'm frustrated (or ?).  The comments tend
(I'm generalizing) to be how to fix a problem instead of  exploring the
feeling....  I think that we all tend to have similar feelings come and
go, related to diabetes.  If I don't hear that someone else has been in
a similar place, it's very easy to think "I'm the only one"...>>

Jim, I can understand where you are coming from.  I think many times I find
I haven't read the original post and then try to post something relevant
based on what I do read.  I don't think I am the only one guilty of this.
Ahhh, I could be though.  *wink*  I know that every once in a while I see
posts like the ones regarding depression and diabetes where we really do let
others know they are not feeling anything that others in the same boat (as
we all are) have felt at one time or another........probably still do.  I
hope you keep posting even though the threads tend to get off track from one
post to another.  Kind of like the telling a phrase to one person in the
circle and it going around the whole circle being whispered to the next
person.  It NEVER  comes out the same way it went in.  Just keep doing like
you did this time---give us a reality check as to what your original post
was all about.  Who knows--several very useful threads may come from one
post.  And I have found that no matter what the thread ends up like, it
helps someone with a question they are having at that time.  Emotions and
confusion are a part of this game we call "life with diabetes."  You aren't
the only one that has either of these going on.  Hang in there and keep

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