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Re: [IP] temp basal increase or square wave?

> >     Not sure I understood you correctly...does your daughter do this
> > temporary
> > increase in her basal rate for 2 hours PRIOR to eating breakfast?

from ruth here...

geneva, age ten...when she eats a high glycemic breakfast which tends to
raise her BGs later in am....does the following:

boluses for total food

sets temp basal for 0.2 units HIGHER than normal basal.

(so..since she is on 0.5 from 7 am until 8 pm...she sets a temp basal for
3-4 hours at 0.7 units)

if she sees herself dropping too much, around  2 hours after breakfast...she
cancels the temp basal.  but..if highish...she keeps it running.

geneva's mom

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