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Re: [IP] ketones/high bs...bad day, need to vent

I am down to 150 and no ketones for about 4 hours now.  I even ate a normal
dinner.  I still feel like I've been run over, but I guess that will go away
after a good night of sleep.  I absolutely loved the way you put it-
"squashed by a mack truck."  I'm going to have to use that to describe this
from now on!  It is SO great to get responses from people who know exactly
what I'm talking about and how I feel even when I don't know how to explain
it.  I tried talking to my boyfriend, but it's totally alien to him.  He
spent most of the phone conversation trying to cheer me up, bless his heart.
I just put a new set in after taking a shower- I've been doing shots all
day.  I'm just hoping this wasn't a problem with my pump.  Thank you for the


<    Hi Julie . . .ugh. :( sounds like a pretty awful day.

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