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[IP] Kids bolusing at school

Hi Yvonne,
If you are diligent about counting carbs at home, it will not take any time
at all to for a 12 year old to begin counting them at school.  She will need
some sort of a food guide - we really like the carb book that NovoNordisk
(they make Velosulin and other insulins) have, and our Doctors Pocket
Calorie Fat & Carbohydrate Counter book that we got from Amazon.com.  Our
school publishes menus, so we can figure out school lunches ahead of time,
but most of the time she packs her lunch, and I put a little slip of paper
in the lunchbox with the carb counts.  She knows that for lunch, she divides
her carbs by 11, and that's her bolus - she does use a calculator most of
the time.  You'll be surprised at how fast she becomes a pro.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 10

<<when your children bolus at school, how do they know what amount to bolus.
do you calculate it for them beforehand, or what?>>


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