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[IP] Started to Pump!

Well we did it! Got connected on Tuesday, and have finished our first day
pumping. Didn't get much sleep last night, checked before we went to bed,
at 2:30 then at 5:00. He was ok during the night, but 3.3 at 5 am.  He does
tend to be lower early morning ( 5 to 6:30) rather than in the middle of
the night.  

I'm not feeling too overwhelmed, his numbers haven't been too bad.  We had
quite a low after dinner last night - 1.8 - I guess I overcalculated his
carbs. We call the nurse every morning with his numbers for the day, and
she makes suggestions on  adjustments.  We went down to .2 basal from .3
basal, to see how that goes.

Adam is doing well with it, he tries to play with it sometimes, so we keep
the child lock on, and bolus by remote.  It does not seem to bother him at
all. I asked him what the pump's name was, and he said it was Beep Beep,
because it beeps. : )

I enjoy reading everyone's posts - my husband keeps finding me on the
computer - reading the IP digest.  I've created a document in Word, and cut
and past tips and hints into it from the digest (it's 10 pages long already!!)

Linda, mom to Adam, 4, pumping 2 days.

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