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[IP] quitting the pump

Dear Ann,

It is so neat to see Joie is adapting her diabetes
management plan to meet her lifestyle. We don't live
to manage our diabetes. I didn't develop this skill
until much later in life. Give her a big pat on the
back! I know you use the MM, but at our last pump
support group the Disetronic Rep brought an insulin
pen. He said, you can use it to inject through a
Tender, Disetronic's equivalent of the Sil. These sets
are manufacturer ed by the same company. I wonder if
she could use the Disetronic Insulin Pen through her
infusion set and not have to take shots at all. A
small pen would be easier to carry around then a
bottle of insulin and syringes. 

The rep also said the pen uses the pump's glass
cartridges and the user loads the insulin himself. He
claimed the cost was 2 cents per unit versus the other
brand's preloaded insulin cartridge at 4 cents per
unit. The pen may be expensive though.

I can understand not wanting to be hooked up 24/7
especially for a teenager. Just the thought of having
to take a shower with the pump makes me cringe! When
deciding whether pump therapy was good a good idea for
me, one of my main hangups was not being able to
disconnect, until I found out about the new sets. What
a relief! I hope Joie has a wonderful summer.

Andrea Seitz

>Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 12:46:30 EST
>From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] quitting the pump
>Just thought I would update everyone on what we
decided to do about the pump.  Joie realizes that she
>feels better and her #'s are so much better on the 
>pump but that when she dresses up for the evening or
>once a week when she goes to the beach this summer
she >would like a break from the pump.  So when she
goes to >the her endo next time she is going to see if
he will >let her take a break from the pump every now
and then >for a few hours and cover herself with
either H or R >(not quite sure how we will do it)... 
I was really 
>pleased with her decision and felt that she came to a
>good decision and hopefully her Dr. will understand
>that too.  I am sure it gets tough every once in a
>while being hooked up to something 24/7.
>Ann (mom to 14 year old pumper)
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