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Re: [IP] ketones/high bs...bad day, need to vent

>I need to vent a little.  I woke up this morning at 6am and puked my little 
> >heart out.  Had very large ketones and the meter read "HI".  I have felt
>completely awful all day.
What gives???  Thanks for listening and for any responses.  I
>don't know anyone else I could talk to who would understand.

    Hi Julie . . .ugh. :( sounds like a pretty awful day.  don't you just 
love that "squashed by a mack truck" feeling? Incidentally my friend's dad 
runs the Mack Truck Rhode Island division so I got him to give me a little 
mack truck pin . . .I wore it today *weak grin* just to laugh.  How are you 
doing now?? I wish I could tell you "what gives" unfortunately I am asking 
the same question.  It is nice to know that this list is always here, as 
I've said before, a 24 hour therapist :)  I hope you're feeling better 
soon!! here's a *hug* until you do --Gianna
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