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Re: [IP] disapearing insulin...

Here's an idea I've had but no good way to test.  I think it may sometimes
be possible to "inactivate" insulin in the tubing, say maybe by overheatng
the insulin by sleeping on it.  If this happened, then one might find a few
ineffective boluses, before things started working normal.  This is what
often happens, so I know it is not a bad site or bad insulin in the
syringe.  It could always be some gremlin in our bods, but it seems easy to
overheat the tubing.  I just don't know if 8 h at 98 degrees is enough to
make the insulin go bad.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>i'm going to have to join in on the "where does my
insulin go" thread that
is going on. i was 250 the other day, bolused 3, then was 275, bolused 3
more, then was 290, bolused 3 more ... didn't drop. finally contemplated
changing set. did 5 more, and finally dropped to 200. all this with NO
food. i don't know where it goes, but i still have the same set in and now
i'm fine, been 90-120 all day. go figure...
Erinn (D 15 years, pumping 1 month, 6 days)>>>>>>>>>>>>

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