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[IP] Another weird BG# story this week

I had birthday cake and ice cream
Sunday night. I took a sandwich with me to eat with the
goodies so it wouldn't be just simple carbs. I *guessed* at bolusing enough
insulin to cover what I was eating. I was 111 before I went to bed. GREAT.
At 5:30 I woke up to visit *Jon* and took a BG: 72. Fine. Took my 3
empty-stomach pills and went back to sleep. About 8:45 I knew I crashed.
Hard. I had some *Orange Slice* candies in the headboard that were so old
they were in the crunchy stage. I usually get up to get something because my
brain doesn't recall (Hillary Syndrome) the candy is there.

This time I remembered. I knew I couldn't get up yet -- probably would have
fallen anyway. Then I remembered I could put my pump on hold for a half
hour -- by this time I had my *aura* (yellow spot in vision due to low) and
couldn't see the pump screen. I was pushing the buttons and not knowing what
I was doing, thought I did it right. I laid there and realized I was hearing
click, click, click, click, click, etc. PANIC. That meant it was bolusing
insulin into me! Humalog that begins working in 5-15 minutes!! I was really
confused and didn't even remember how to work the pump. I finally made it to
the kitchen -- figured if I could put spoonfuls of jelly in my mouth it
would start working too. I then got the bolusing stopped. Have no idea how
much I had programmed but stopped it at 1.9 units. That's less than 2 so
wasn't too bad. My b'fast bolus is 2. I then ate b'fast and decided to take
another BG: 91 then. So, don't know how low I went. Had to go back to bed;
felt awful. Got up at 12:45.

I love my MiniMed 507c (blue) named Pumpkin. If I had had NPH in me I
wouldn't have been able to suck it
back out. This way I could stop it.

Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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