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[IP] RE: What to do (mail order)

Jan -

That sounds like a lot of situations my Type 2 mother has had to deal with -
she said last month a box of insulin sat out on the front porch while she
was gone for two days at a business seminar - and you guessed it - frozen
when she got back.  She called the company and got the same response - that
she needed to be home when they were delivered and that they would not take
any fault for it.  She called the company, asked to speak with a supervisor,
told them she needed those supplies and she needed them RIGHT NOW, that she
can't arrange her schedule around a two week delivery period, etc.  They
Fed-ex'd her her insulin overnight, and had it delivered to her office, so
she would receive it - and she simply handed the other box over to Fed-ex in
return.  I would try that and see if they can do anything else for you.  The
last mail order scrip program I was with automatically asked for a work
address, since deliveries were made during the work week, and that's where I
got my supplies.  To add a note, however, this is the first time I am trying
to order from our new mail program - I called for scrip envelopes to mail it
to the company, and two weeks later still didn't have them. I called and
they said that they still hadn't been sent!!!  However, when I was done,
they are mailing them ASAP - no longer than 5 to 7 days.  Thanks....I'll
just continue to wait to order my ACE inhibitors and test strips.....sheesh!

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