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[IP] Sils coming undone

Mary Jean,

I use Tenders, Disetronic's equivalent of Sils, and
have had a set similar to yours. It didn't made the
"click" noise when I snapped it in to the base of the
infusion set. I tried several times, but tugged on it
to make sure it was secure. Bad decision. Later in the
day my sugars started to spike, therefore, I did a
bolus to correct the high. On the next test it came
down some, but not like usual. Then, I corrected again
and later tested. What a mistake! I removed the site
and noticed their was just a tiny amount of insulin
leaking out and going underneath the Tender's window.
Unfortunately, it wasn't enough insulin to smell or
feel. I didn't have anymore like it in the same box.

Disetronic recommends not using a Tender pairing,
which doesn't make a "click" noise when the tubing is
reconnected to the base. 

Andrea Seitz

>Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 08:59:05 -0800
>From: Mary Jean Renstrom <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Sils coming undone
>Yes, I had a problem with this last summer. It was
>only a few times, so I didn't fuss about it too much,
>but it can be annoying. I remember one time,
>I bolused and the insulin dribbled down my leg. Like
>you, I didn't discover the problem until I went to
the >bathroom. 

>I remember the troublesome sets were very hard to get
>to "click" into place, as if there were a slight
>mis-match between the two halves. They would slide
in, >so I know I had them right side up, but getting
them >to actually click was difficult.

>Can you trace it to one particular box? If so, I
>ask for a replacement box. 
>Mary Jean
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