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[IP] ......significant others

Hi Julie,

    WOW, I would have liked to have known that years ago! What to tell
others about depression and anxiety??!!!!.

    I did figure out what works BEST for me!

    I too have suffered from depression and anxiety and on occasion I still
do, NO matter what I take.

    I have and this has been the ONLY successful way to explain it to my
boyfriend and friends.

    I tell them "How do you feel after 10 Slurpess? .......How do you feel
when you have NOT eaten in 5 days?"

    They always answer, I have never done that, I have no clue.

    So I then say "Well, then I cant explain it fully to you why I have mood
swings, depression and anxiety to well. All I can say is that it has a lot
to do with my blood sugar rising and falling and the day to day JOB I have
to JUST stay alive."

    My getting up in the morning, my sleeping at night, my meals, my job, my
stress and everything a lot of people take for granted are 200% times harder
for me to cope with. So, I feel Diabetics ended up getting depressed faster
then the average person.

    THAT is the ONLY way I get people, like my 6 year relationship and
soon-to-be husband to understand! UGH!

    I am NO WHERE near a professional and this is the ONLY thing I have
found works. I usually BS my way through it, and then I talk until they get

     I am not sure this is coming across to well, through my typing, but in
real life I just try to get it to a level of understanding that I have
something they do not and PRAY they will not EVER understand!

Claudia - Diabetic for 15 years and pumping for 21 days! Woo Hoo!

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