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[IP] Shocked


I'm new at this on ;line pump stuff, and i'm so shocked to read of all the 
troubles everyone is having. I thank God everyday for my life and even the 
challenge he has given me with diabetes, but until now i didn't realize how 
blessed i really am. 

I have had diabetes for 35 years.  Back in the times of peeing on a yellow 
strip of paper that constantly turned green, green meant hi, the greener the 
higher.  Boiling needles, only having blood checked if you went to the Dr.s 
every once-in-awhile, and an exchange system for foods that really didn't do 
much for control.  In the 80's we got the tester and i had one of the first.  
Had to plug it in and wait 15 mins to test.
By 88 I heard about the pump and wanted one right now.  got it too.  happy too

All of this and i have never been so hi that I have had keytones and puked.  
My pump
(which I am now on my third one) has never mal-functioned, I have never been 
in the hospital for diabetes related stuff, I don't have any complications, 
and i don't hide my pump or the fact that i have diabetes.  I do chech my 
sugar at least 7 times per day usually more,  I carry everything with me that 
i think I may need when away from home, and i respect diabetes,but I don't 
fear it or let it keep me from doing what i want.  I eat as right as i can 
and i do cheat daily, i also evercise daily, and never go to bed without 
checking blood.  

I use to go out from lows especially 3 am however only has happened once 
since the punp.  That was mainly why i wanted the pump.  Yes< my sugars are 
sometimes all over the place but rarely in the 300.  Check often and prevent 
most sugars from going too high.

I hope i don't sound like i am bragging or being snotty I  just want those of 
you who are having so much trouble to know that it is possible to be in 
control & take the highs with the lows because  S--- happens.

Good luck to all of you and keep those stories coming, I am enjoying them.

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