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Re: [IP] Hiding the pump

<snip> the guy told him he should hide it.  Dan figured he was a "moron,"
and put it on
the opposite side of where that principal sat! <snip>

Thank you for the laugh!  I'm still chuckling over this one.  That is
something I would completely do.

I am another clip to my waistband and go (Jude ALWAYS is on my right hip so
I know where he is at all times... I keep him on a long (43") tight lease).
 For the most part I only tuck in my shirt when I dress up.  So much of the
time it is covered (but I usually have tubing hanging).  I care for a boy
who has Down Syndrome and is 8 years old.  Yesterday, he came up to his mom
and gave her a hug.  A second after he hugs her he stops and says "Pump?"
and looks at her, then at me with a really confused look on his face.
Hehehe, his mom has a pager, but basically never wears it when she is in
the house, and if she does, it is normally clipped to the front of her
pants, not the side like I do (which it was yesterday).  She said, "No,
it's my pager."  He replies by running across the room, pulling up my
sweatshirt enough to reveal my pump.  "Ween's pump."  LOL, now not many
people mistake pagers for pumps!  At times he is more aware of where my
pump is than I am, if we are wrestling and it slips around to my back, he
always stops after he bumps into my right side and says "Pump missing?"
and looks for my tubing and gently tugs at it to find my pump.  Hehehe, a
couple times he has discovered my pump is just floating on the floor.  Ahh,
I would figure it out eventually even without help :-)

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