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[IP] Strange week update (was disappearing insulin . . .)

>i'm going to have to join in on the "where does my insulin go" thread that
>is going on.

    OK everyone . . .is there something in the atmosphere this week that is 
messing with everyone's insulin? lol . ..seems like so many people are 
having a tougher time than usual the past several days . .or maybe that's 
just my own misguided opinion :) For all of your sakes, I hope so!!  Ugh . . 
.another fun day for me - thought I was finally OK after going to bed at 96 
and waking up at 113, but by lunch I was 201, then 175 after school.  I have 
an endo appt. tomorow so hopefully he'll shed some proverbial light on 
something . . .my current theory is that I'm getting sick because that's the 
only theory I have left :)  I know I will just have to ride out whatever it 
is and wait till things get back in line...oh well.  take care everyone,
p.s. exams are over! YES!! I kept my "B" in calculus with a 79.9 average!! 
Talk about scraping by . . .I love teachers who round up :) woohoo!!
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