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[IP] To those who feel the need to hide the pump

In my previous message in no way did I intend to judge "pump hiding".
We all find our own emotional comfort level in dealing with diabetes.

It's real easy (for me) to not post my feelings of DM not going the way
I want - frustration, anger, fear, &&&& - when I get (well-meaning)
responses to a comment that I'm frustrated (or ?).  The comments tend
(I'm generalizing) to be how to fix a problem instead of  exploring the
feeling....  I think that we all tend to have similar feelings come and
go, related to diabetes.  If I don't hear that someone else has been in
a similar place, it's very easy to think "I'm the only one"...

At times I find it very difficult to hear people say you can't ______
unless ______ (fill in your own blanks) when I already "have" and I

I need to be careful of my "if ____, then____"s because reality will
never come close to my expectations.

Being philosophical,

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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