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[IP] Re: Kids bolusing

> Robin,

In response to your questions:

What age do you let them bolus?

Kelly has been bolusing since she started pumping, shortly before she turned 6.  I
write the amount she should bolus for her lunch on a note she keeps in her monitor
case.  She knows that if she doesn't eat all her lunch (something that never
happens), she needs to call me, so I can make up the difference in carbs with life
savers or juice.  She also keeps a list in her folder of common treats and how
much to bolus for each, in the event that someone brings cookies, cupcakes, etc.
to class.  We rely on her nurse/health-aide to do the calculation for highs at
lunch.  She tells Kelly how many additional times to bolus based on her BS
reading.  I don't trust the health aide to do carb counting based on the
difficultly she has with the high blood sugar calculation.

Have  those on Dis had problems with their young pumpers playing with it &
accidentlly bolus???

We've never had this problem, but if you suspect that might be a problem, I
suggest the MiniMed 508 which has the child lock.  I know someone who chose that
monitor for that feature based on the fear that the 4-yr old pumper's, 2-yr old
brother might play with the buttons.  A limit on the bolus probably won't work.
It will still likely be a high enough amount to do some serious damage, as I know
1 unit drops Kelly 200 points.

Hope this helps!

Mary, Kelly's Mom, pumping 6 months

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