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[IP] Hiding the pump

I'm with Liz.  I don't hide my pump--at least not intentionally.  Several of
my jeans don't hold the pager type clip well, so I just stick my pump in my
pocket and take off.  When I wear a dress, I used to panic.  Where to put
it........  But this has been best for me.  I put the pump (minus any clips)
inside my pantyhose on the upper part of my leg.  I can slide it between my
legs so that it doesn't poke out at all.  Then I use my strap just below the
pump on the outside of the pantyhose.  This keeps it in place up high enough
that I can work with it without any notice or hassle.  The other day I was
at Church and using this set-up.  My pump began to beep during one of the
meetings.  I just reached down and pushed the S button without lifting my
dress or anything.  It shut off the beep and I went on without anyone
noticing I had done anything.  I always make sure my pump is facing up so
that I can bolus and work with it without having to leave or lift my dress.
If there are no other casings around it, it is simply a matter of pushing a
button that you can feel just fine through the clothes.  Never had any
trouble doing it this way.

Luvin' my pump,

Hi Bill and all,

Opps, sorry. I forgot to change the "subject" line in my last post about
FastTake meters.

In regards to hiding the pump, I don't.  Most people think I'm wearing a
I wear slacks or jeans most all the time, but when the need arises for me to
wear a dress, it drives me crazy because I can't get to the pump very easily
when it's tucked away under my clothes.

I love wearing my MM clipped to my jeans at the waist.


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