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Re: [IP] hiders and non-hiders

At 07:51 AM 1/26/2000  Susan Fisher wrote:
 >A total YMMV thing... take my sister and I - I don't really give a damn if
 >anyone can see loops of tubing hanging out or anything.  I wear it clipped
 >on my waist 99% of the time, or in my bra for "special" occasions...
 >My sister is horrified at this.... she thinks its "disgusting" - she always
 >"hides" her by wearing it under her arm, tucked in the side strap of her

I don't think wearing my pump is any more disgusting than wearing glasses. 
I see people in wheelchairs, using canes, walkers and other aides. To me, 
that's not disgusting either... that's life. I wish people would get over 
thinking that they need to fit a TV image all the time. The real world is 
not always neat and tidy... we need to learn how to accept it the way it 
actually is.

I agree with you. I wear my pump on my belt... if someone else doesn't like 
it, then I figure that's their problem, not mine.


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