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[IP] weird numbers here too

I shouldn't have opened my mouth last week, about having had great bgs at 3am, but my mom still checking....ever since, they have SUCKED. I keep going to bed with a great bg, and waking up high, even after setting a temp basal increase. Most of the night, my basal is 0.7, I've been using 1.2 for as soon as I hit the sack. Last night, at 12;30 when I went to bed I was 85, I'd been out in the snow earlier, friends were over, I was active, and had been 50 earlier, and 85 was up from several hours of lows. Also, I'd eaten (*and bolused*) a hech of a lot! Well, checked at 1:30.. I was 72, I didn't do anything, I kept my 1.2 increase still on. My Mom wasn't here last night and was worried about me not beingchecked at 3am, but I repeatedly told her I'd be fine. Well, I was . She called home at 7am to be sure I checked my bg--even told my friend to get the phone didn't matter, she wanted someone to answer so she wouldn't worry about me.

I naturally woke up at 6 (no school again here, we had over 15inches of snow yesterday). I was feeling so nauseous (I figure from all the crap I ate before bed, fighting lows). I was 265..not bad, but I was about to puke. I corrected, came down some. My mom called, I told her I was fine. My nights keep sucking, I am practically doubling my basal by using a temp increase, so I'm wondering if I'm crashing or not. There's a lot of other stuff going on around me right now, so this isn't a huge concern (frustrating though), not sure what is happening about exams at school (last I heard the top folks are conferencing, and I'll know later..I hope they dont' make it anything complicated!) Anyhow, I plan on basal testing nights probably next Wednesday, in a week..b/c I should be over exams by then. I'd test weekends but I work all weekend so that night wouldn't be too accurate.

Anyhow, just agreeing, I've been having the annoying crazy numbers too. And been feeling very stressed and overwhelmed, so not surprised by the highs. Also seeing lows too. Was 50 earlier after all the highs figured themselves out. I'd just like to wake up not feeling nauseous once and I'd be happy:-)

Next time I won't be so fast to open my mouth that things are "great". But overall, they aren't that bad, I'm seeing so many lows, my average has got to be coming down at least.


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